ANBI information

A. General information

Name ANBI   

Chinese Mandarin CAMA Gemeente Nederland Church is affiliated with CAMA Gemeente of the Netherlands (ABC Gemeente of the Netherlands). 







Pastoral consultant


Phone numbers

+31(0)6154 834 66

+31(0)6527 157 88

+31(0)6108 433 61



Account:  Chinese Mandarin CAMA Gemeente Nederland Church

Account Name: NL75  INGB 0008 756897

KvK Nr.: 71809244

RSIN.:    858857881







Address (also mail)

Linnaeushof 94

1098 KT  Amsterdam



The policy plan of the national church can be found at:

B. Composition of the board

The board consists of a chairman, treasurer and a secretary. The positions are held by volunteers who are re-elected by church members every three years.

Note: position is according to the rotation plan in the statutes.

C. Objective / vision

Based on the principles of faith set out in the statutes, the municipality has set the following objectives:

  1. to proclaim the Gospel according to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  2. to call on people to turn to God and to be baptized on the basis of their faith in Christ by immersing and participating in church life in accordance with Acts 2:42;
  3. acts 2:42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.
  4. to build believers in the faith and to equip them for service, and to encourage them to make Christ known;
  5. provide for diaconal and pastoral needs;
  6.  to meet its own financial needs.

D. Policy Plan

The main purpose of the congregation is to proclaim the Gospel to Mandarin speaking Chinese. This goal is intended by holding church services on Sundays, organizing fellowships for young people and the adults. Meetings with specific Christian themes are also organized.

All this is achieved through donations from church members. To guarantee the continuity of the work, a reserve is formed from past surplus of the donations for future years.

When the congregation expands in the future and organizes more church activities, a separate building is desirable. For this reason, a reserve has also been formed for down payment to the purchase an own building.

E. Remuneration policy

The board does not receive any reimbursements, only actual expenses incurred can be reimbursed. 

As from October 2015 the part-time contract has been ended. Since then we only have guest speakers.

note: Guests speakers make a fully independent declaration of tax (if applicable) and indemnifies Chinese Mandarin CAMA Gemeente Netherland Church against all taxes and social security charges / obligations.

F. Annual reporting / activities

Our community was founded by the missionary Mrs. Anne Louie (affiliated with CAMA, Toronto, Canada) in 2007. 

As from March 2018, Mandarin CAMA has transformed from “Foundation” (stichting) to “Church” (Kerkelijke) organization. 

Name changed from Stichting Chinese Mandarin CAMA Gemeente Nederland to Chinese Mandarin CAMA Gemeente Nederland Church.

We currently have 24 official registered members.

Normal church activities consist of Sunday service and Bible studies. To keep the knowledge of the Bible up to date, church members can participate in Bible studies via Skype every Wednesday. For the children a Sunday school is organized every Sunday during the service.

We currently have 3 fellowships running. A fellowship for teenager (since October 2018) that is held once a month. A fellowship for students / young professionals; this takes place biweekly on Saturday. 

A fellowship for church members with families that is held on irregular basis.  

In addition to Sunday services and fellowships, we have organized various festivals and events in the past years. Themes of festivals that return every year are Chinese New Year, Mother's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas. At a festival / event, Biblical messages are always given by means of a sermon. The purpose of organizing these festivals is to invite non-Christians. This allows us to introduce them to the Christian faith.We also have a discussion group after Sunday service, during which we discuss the message of the sermon on that Sunday with each other.

G. Intended spending

The expected expenditure (budget) as a rule closely matches the accounts for previous years.

This is shown in figures in the budget column in the overview under H.

H. Financial statement of income and expenses with explanation

The statement of income and expenditure below provides insight into the budgeted revenue and the intended spending in the reporting year via the budget column. The account column provides insight into the actual revenue and expenditure realized.The intended expenditures for the coming year will not differ significantly from the intended expenditures of the reporting year.

Please note that: as Church is transformed from Foundation as from June 2018 thus the balances and budgets are carrying from foundations’.